Niseko Gastronomy & Glamping


A new style of travel fully enjoying the powder snow city “Niseko”

Nature, winter activities and gastronomy unique to Hokkaido.
A special experience only in this area, a blissful time to stay as if you were living here.


  • Niseko Powder
  • Gastronomy
  • Glamping

Journey to experience the depth and essential story of Niseko

How to enjoy powder snow.
Skiing and snowboarding, of course.
Outdoor experience where you can immerse yourself into the painting-like world of silver.
And a genuine gastronomic experience where you can enjoy the blessings of nature in a beautiful landscape.

  • Japan Quality
    Japanese hospitality
    and quality
  • Special Stay
    A special stay experience that is unique to this place, unlike any other in the world
  • Sustainability
    A journey living with nature and hoping to protect this beautiful world

It looks like a city that is not Japan, you feel the essential Japaneseness.
“Things that can only be found here” will change your world.


Why Niseko

A pure and magnificent landscape of Mt. Yotei, Niseko Annupuri, and the Shiribetsu River.
The quality of powder snow and the good access that you can immediately experience the outstanding skiing and snowboarding.
Luxury condominium, the finest accommodation space with all the luxury.
Diverse activities and food, sophisticated cityscape.

Although every part is a first-class international resort,
it is also an innovation city where attractive people who take on new challenges gather.

Niseko is the city that the world longs for.
Powder snow activities and special stay experiences.
We would like you to enjoy the fascinating culture unique to this city.

Tour Plan

Tour Plan

  • Farm stay
  • Gastronomy
  • Glamping

The field of Niseko is endlessly wide and deep.
Positioned Mt. Yotei in the center of it, where clear streams growned firtile land.

Staying in a luxurious hotel or condominium is fine, but how about a farm stay where you can experience a simple yet calm and natural life?

The snow that has fallen on the fields is a natural playground.
It's fun to run around in a snowmobile, set up (totonou) in a tent sauna, or surround hot pot dishes in a glamping tent.

Vegetables made with great care without using pesticides are the crystals of the blessings of this land. Enjoy heartwarming food and nature experiences unique to farm stays.

Tour Schedule DAY 1

  1. 14:30
    Arrive at Niseko Area Rankoshi Town

  2. 15:00
    Kitchen Garden Oikawa Farm

    To a quiet farm in the fertile land nurtured by the clear stream of Rankoshi Town in the Niseko area.
    30 minutes by car from the Hirafu area, which is famous for luxury condominiums, to the back region of Niseko.
    A spectacular view of the horizon, snowfields, Niseko Annupuri and Mt. Yotei, which is completely different from the gorgeous urban resorts. We will provide a special farm stay experience that allows you to monopolize the vast snowy land.

  3. 15:30
    Kitchen Garden Oikawa Farm
    Tent Sauna Experience

    The sauna experience, where you can enjoy the outside air bathing in the deep snow, is overwhelming. The staff will arrange all the setup and temperature control so that you can enter immediately after check-in in front of the snow field that is not disturbed by anyone. While enjoying the outdoor sauna, it is the best experience to enjoy hot herbal tea while taking a bath in the open air, watching the glittering snow field illuminated by the setting sun that gradually falls, as if the snow and the mountain range are beautifully fused like a painting.

  4. 19:00
    Kitchen Garden Oikawa Farm
    Special Dinner

    We will deliver a special gastronomy experience unique to farm stays by catering, making use of the blessings of pesticide-free vegetables harvested in the fall. Enjoy luxurious dishes that perminate to the body... Garlic that has absorbed the blessings of the earth, brightly colored potatoes, pasta, pizza, potage, etc. Tomato sauce and pickles carefully made from the ingredients, as well as cheese from Niseko, with ham, roast beef, wine and more.

Tour Schedule DAY 2

  1. 07:30
    Kitchen Garden Oikawa Farm
    Morning Specials

    We will deliver sandwich mornings that use plenty of ingredients from the Niseko area, such as vegetables, eggs, and cheese, to your accommodation. Of course, you can cook in the built-in kitchen, and if you want to feel a little extraordinary, it will be an unforgettable experience to enjoy morning sandwiches and hot coffee using a bonfire outdoors on a sunny day. Our staff will set up all the outdoor breakfasts in the silver world, so you can enjoy it in a short time.

  2. 09:30
    Powder ski & Snowboard

    We will pick you up from your accommodation to the ski resort, so please enjoy powder snow to your heart's content. For customers who wish, in addition to a guide by a private instructor, a plan with shooting accompanied by a professional photographer, a prominent professional.
    We can guide you to special tours such as backcountry tours in a completely private space accompanied by a fashion.
    Please spend the best time you will never forget with your family and friends.

  3. 12:00
    Kitchen Garden Oikawa Farm
    Glamping Style Lunch

    Staying at a farm stay, you can enjoy extraordinary daytime experiences in the glamping tent, and we will deliver a glamping style stay experience unique to this area. You can enjoy an outdoor lunch such as cheese fondue and hot pot dishes in a comfortable environment because you can keep warm even in the tent. Enjoy the winter of Niseko where you can experience various things such as conversation in a fashionable setting in the tent, bonfire in the snow, snow-viewing sake, and activities to enjoy the snowy fields with snowshoes.

  4. 16:00

    For those who want to fully enjoy powder snow, we recommend the Snowboard Tour, which is specially guided by a well-known professional, and the CAT Backcountry Tour in a completely reserved space. Refresh yourself in the tent sauna for two consecutive days, or relax in the open-air bath where you can enjoy the rich nature of Niseko. It is also a luxurious time to have a drink at the BAR with a Niseko atmosphere before dinner. We will arrange a completely custom-made plan according to the customer's request.

Tour Plan Detail

Kitchen Garden Oikawa Farm 〒048-1326 96-3 Tomioka, Rankoshi-cho, Isoya-gun, Hokkaido
Service contents
  • Tent sauna experience
    (Our staff handles setup, withdrawal, and temperature control)
  • Glamping experience
    (Our staff will handle everything from setup, withdrawal, and meal provision)
  • Gastronomy experience
    (Sushi Kato Niseko reserved dinner)
●Snowboard Guide by a Famous Professional ✖ Professional Photographer Shooting
[With guide, Beginners are welcome]
[3 hours / Day trip] [Maximum 7 people]
  1. Snowboard guided tour / Up to 5 people
  2. Shooting by a professional photographer during the tour program
●Snowboard Guide by a Famous Professional ✖ Professional Photographer Shooting
[Maximum 5 people] [6 hours / Day trip]
  1. Snowboard guided tour / Up to 5 people
  2. Shooting by a professional photographer during the tour program
  3. Transportation service from your hotel (inside the Niseko area) to the tour meeting place
●Niseko Olympian Snowcat Tour Guide ✖ Lunch Ticket
[Maximum 6 people] [6 hours / Day trip]
  1. CAT ski tour / Accompanied by a professional guide / Up to 6 people
  2. Lunch after ski tour / Up to 6 people
  3. Transportation service from your hotel (inside the Niseko area) to the tour meeting place
We will arrange other experience menus according to your needs.
Application period
December 1st-March 31st
200,000 yen (tax included) ~ * Varies depending on the number of people. Please contact us for details.
What to bring
  • Our staff will prepare all the materials related to the tent sauna and glamping experience, so please bring only swimwear and outdoor wear.
  • If you apply for optional services, please bring your own skis, snowboards, and outdoor wear.
  • Because it will be a custom-made tour according to the customer's request, please note that we will arrange the tour content according to the request and make a final quotation. For details, please contact us from the inquiry form.
  • In case of bad weather, in order to ensure safety, we may cancel the tent sauna experience and glamping experience at our discretion. In that case, there is no cancellation fee. Please note.