Discover the Flavors of Hokkaido in Rebun


Experience the Unparalleled
Natural Beauty of Rebun Island

Savor the Cuisine and Terroir of Rebun and Interact
with Locals on Japan’s Northernmost Island


  • Interactive Culinary
  • Unparalleled
    Natural Beauty

Interactive Culinary Experience

Join local food experts as they talk you through the local fish and food culture, then get a chance to try and prepare a tasty dish.

Unparalleled Natural Beauty

This foodie experience takes place in a breathtaking natural milieu, where you can feel at one with nature. Blessed by the sea, the landscape and local culture work in harmony to give visitors a real taste of life on this northern island.

we offer the diverse and culturally important elements of
island life in Hokkaido, with a focus on deeper, multi-day experiences
that will be unforgettable for you.


Rebun island?

The way of life on Rebun Island is rooted in ancient times, dating back to the Jomon period (14,000 BCE- 300 BCE), and deeply influenced by the coastal Okhotsk culture of hunter-gatherers and the Ainu, Hokkaido’s indigenous people. Despite the island’s harsh winters, remoteness and the effects of modernization, people on Rebun are at one with nature, coexisting in harmony and respect with their surroundings.

Sample Tour

“Discover the Flavors
of Hokkaido in Rebun”

Savor the Cuisine and Terroir of Rebun and Interact
with Locals on Japan’s Northernmost Island

This tour is designed so that guests can immerse themselves in de terroir of Rebun Island, featuring many gastronomic experiences unique to the island along with several events specially developed for the tour.

By “gastronomy” we do not necessarily refer to just simply enjoying gourmet food or showing off the skills of chefs.
Our definition is an experience that is unique to a community, an exploration of a terroir that developed as the result of a long and rich history, with culture and traditions which are specific to that community.

The tour will highlight this way of life, offering our guests insight into “northern island life” through interactions with locals and lots of foodie experiences. Our guests will learn about the history,
tradition, and culture of Rebun from various sides.

The “Discover the Flavors of Hokkaido in Rebun” tour is designed to entice visitors to the island by sharing its beauty and protecting its culture, but also to allow locals to highlight the importance of protecting the nature that surrounds us.

3 day 2 nights - Sample Tour

Tour DAY 1 
The Terroir of Rebun Island – Breathtaking Nature and Slow Pace of Life -

Scenic Drive Around the Island

Designed to give guests an overview of the island’s beauty and the environment which nurtures the gastronomic culture. The drive will take you to Japan’s most northerly National Park. Here, you can explore the wild nature, see the dramatic Sea of Okhotsk and get a view of Rishirifuji, a mountain on the neighboring island of Rishiri, which is named after one of Japan’s most famous landmarks, Mt. Fuji. During the drive, guests will see the harmonious coexistence between the island and its inhabitants firsthand.

Fishery Culture and the Lifestyle of Rebun

These days kombu kelp has been gaining attention from food connoisseurs all over the world. But while kombu is a powerful health food, it is also rich in umami, the savory “fifth taste” that is essential in Japanese cuisine. The kombu grown in the ocean around Rebun is famed for its quality, both in Japan and internationally. However, the history and traditions behind this staple are relatively unknown. Our tour is designed to reveal some of the lesser-known facts and traditions related to the kelp, some of which still exist on the island today.

Our focus on the island’s unique food culture does not stop there. Rebun sea urchins are prized for their rich flavor, but there are also lesser-known seafood gems to discover, such as hokke (Okhotsk atka mackerel), which is the islanders’ soul food. Hokke from Rebun is extremely popular, as besides being delicious the fish literally ‘melts in your mouth’.

The foods and ingredients guests will savor during the tour will be an entirely new experience, made even more special by having seen fishermen return from the sea with their catches, and discovering the tradition and culture surrounding kombu.

This is a journey into the terroir of Rebun, from the fishing culture, to the traditions and environment in which the food was nurtured, bringing to life the rich history of the ancient island.

Island-Style Dining

The first day of the tour will conclude with an aperitif and an island-style BBQ. Watch the sun setting over the sea as you dig into a meal of fresh, locally caught seafood and island cuisine with modern twists. To accompany your meal, we will provide various drinks from Hokkaido, including sake, wine, and cocktails.

Time Schedule DAY 1

  1. 06:30
    Ferry ride from Wakkanai to Rebun
  2. 08:25
    Arrive at Rebun Island
  3. 08:50
    Scenic drive around the island
  4. 10:00
    Visit to Kafuka Port and the Fishery Cooperative
  5. 11:00
    Early lunch of hokke chanchan yaki at Chidori
    (the restaurant that created the dish)
  6. 13:00
    Meet with local kombu farmers
  7. 14:30
    Island-style tea time at Kita-no-Canary Park
  8. 16:30
    Check in at Hana Rebun Hotel (free time until dinner)
  9. 18:00
    Sunset aperitif and dining at UMI
  10. 21:00
    Starlit sky tour
  11. 21:30
    Return to the hotel
  12. Note: The exact destinations of the tour may change due to weather conditions.

Tour DAY 2 
Encounter the one and only Rebun Island Sustainable Gastronomy Created by Local Interaction

Hiking and Bento Lunch

This trek allows you to witness the landscapes, flora and fauna of the island by foot. During the hike, you will encounter birds and spot rare flowers and plants unique to Rebun. From the ridgelines there are panoramic views overlooking the bay, coastline and across the island itself. Here, you will feel a million miles from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Take a break and enjoy the views while enjoying an omusubi (rice ball) bento. Everything tastes even better after a hike!

Local Culinary Experience

A once-in-a-lifetime chance to experience a cooking class with local islanders. You will be taught Rebun recipes and be able to have an authentic taste of home cooking, as well as learn more about the terroir and culinary traditions of Rebun.

Closing Discussion

Mariko Morioka, the producer of the gastronomic contents of this tour, will share background stories about this project and their vision for the future. During this part we would love for you to share your thoughts and opinions about the tour.

A Parting Gift from Rebun Island

Look forward to this special surprise

Time Schedule DAY 2

  1. 09:30
    Morning trek
  2. 11:00
    Bento lunch
  3. 12:00
    Return hike
  4. 13:00
    Return to the hotel (short free time)
  5. 14:30
    Local culinary experience - Cooking with locals
  6. 17:00
    Closing Discussion
  7. 18:00
    Dinner at Hana Rebun
  8. 21:00
    Free time
  9. Note: The exact destinations of the tour may change due to weather conditions.

Tour Plan Detail

Hana Rebun 〒097-1201 558 Tonnai, Kafukamura,Rebun-cho, Rebun-gun, Hokkaido
Basic plan
Group Size
From intimate gatherings of 2 people to lively groups of 12.
Indulge in a 2-night stay at the enchanting Hana Rebun hotel, complete with a delightful breakfast each morning.
The basic plan can include the following adventures:
  • Rebun Island Drive: Immersive experience into the natural wonders of the island guided by local experts.
  • Fishing and Island Life: Dive into the authentic island experience with hands-on interactions with the skilled fishermen of the island.
  • Island-style Premium Outdoor Dining: Savor the flavors of Rebun Island with our exquisite outdoor dining experience.
Guiding you through this unforgettable adventure is our seasoned expert - your personal guide throughout your stay.

150,000 yen per person, inclusive of our expert planning and arrangement fees.
Flight and transportation costs are not included and are subject to variations based on group size.
For detailed pricing, feel free to get in touch.
Rebun Trekking plus Brunch:15,000 yen per person
Rebun Tea Time:5,000 yen per person
Rebun Local Cuisine Experience:
Immerse yourself in the island's culinary treasures with a cooking class at 8,000 yen per person.
Hired Car:Comfort and convenience with a 5-seater vehicle for 80,000 yen per day.
July 1st to September 25th.
What to
  • Sturdy, adventure-ready footwear and clothing are a must (think trekking and fishing)
  • Comfortable shoes for leisurely exploration.
  • A layered jacket for the ever-changing island weather.
  • Motion sickness prevention for a smooth ferry journey.
  • Stay Connected:While the Hana Rebun hotel boasts Wi-Fi, keep in mind that some remote spots will encourage you to disconnect and embrace the island's raw beauty.Meeting Point: Join us at Wakkanai Airport for a seamless start and end to your adventure. Share your flight details, and leave the rest to us.
  • Meeting Point: Join us at Wakkanai Airport for a seamless start and end to your adventure. Share your flight details, and leave the rest to us.
  • Your Journey, Personalized: This private, custom-made tour is tailored to your group’s preferences and schedule.
    Costs are as unique as your adventure. Please contact us for a personalized quote.